May 2020 Newsletter
We would like to thank you for your support, encouragement, and interest during this most difficult time of the COVID-19 virus. We acknowledge that many friends, families, and businesses have been deeply affected. Throughout our nation’s history, Americans have come together during such times of crisis. We know from experience baseball is one thing that can unite us. It brings people together – no matter their politics, economic status, or racial identity. It is during the darkest hours that dreams burn brightest. Thank you for supporting Music City Baseball as we work to bring the Nashville Stars to our community. Follow us on socials to stay up-to-date on the latest news and information about your Nashville Stars!
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Partners with Nashville Stars

On April 15th, The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum announced their partnership with Music City Baseball. This business relationship includes revenue sharing and cooperation between marketing and social media efforts. Music City Baseball has agreed to work in good faith to provide physical space in the permanent stadium facility, once constructed, for the prospective MLB team.

“This partnership allows us to share our baseball history.
The story of the Nashville Stars of the Negro Leagues is as much a civil rights story as a baseball story. The players had no idea they were making history. They just wanted to play ball. The NLBM endorses and supports the efforts of Music City Baseball to secure a Major League Baseball franchise,” said Bob Kendrick, President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

“Music City Baseball is excited about our partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. The Museum will play a pivotal role in our initiative, and we believe this partnership will solidify our efforts moving forward,” said
John Loar, Managing Director of Music City Baseball.

“The Negro Leagues has played an important role in baseball’s past, and I look forward to being a part of that legacy as it lives on through the Nashville Stars,” said Dave Stewart, who serves as an advisor for Music City Baseball.

“I join the many others in celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the Negro Leagues. We look forward to tying Nashville’s rich baseball history with its bright baseball future. We believe Nashville is ready for Major League Baseball,” said Chairman Alberto Gonzales.  

Watch Bob Kendrick discuss why now is the right time for Major League Baseball to expand, why Nashville would be the prime location, and how impactful it would be for the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.  

All around us, there are people who are going above and beyond to help and uplift others in times of need. The Nashville Stars are much more than a baseball organization. It's important for us to provide support and enhancement to the entire Tennessee community. Each month we will be honoring an individual or group who is making a difference in the lives of others. Please join us in congratulating and honoring Maggie Corbin, our May 2020 “Star Of The Month.” 
Maggie was the inspiration for her husband, Tim Corbin – Vanderbilt Commodores Baseball head coach – to create Topps style baseball trading cards recognizing the people fighting on the front lines to curb the COVID-19 virus. Maggie is constantly working behind the scenes and she deserves to be recognized for her hard work and charismatic personality. Thanks to Maggie’s brilliant idea, Tim created an online card to recognize our healthcare heroes that are putting their lives on the line to fight COVID-19 and protect our community. When we asked Maggie how she came up with this concept, she said, “The idea for the hero starting lineup came to me early one morning while still in bed. The night before, a good friend of ours, a doctor at Vanderbilt, had sent an email asking Tim and I for help in lifting the spirits of the health care workers. His exact words were, ‘send inspiration to those health care workers on the front lines and keep it coming, be relentless.’ I must have been thinking about it in my sleep because when I woke up, I immediately told Tim about it.”
Drawing inspiration from classic baseball cards, Tim Corbin tweets a photo daily and uses the hashtag #herostartinglineup. “Maggie and I woke up this week and we had an idea. We’ve been trying to think of things to do to honor individuals on Twitter,” Corbin told WKRN. “When I saw the Topps card, I thought if we could merge those two, it would be a nice way of involving them in a baseball kind of way.”
Maggie describes the intent behind the project: “The thought was that when we were young, a baseball player's card not only highlighted that player - made that player feel special, but it also gave the fans a little insight into that player's life. So what if we made a baseball card of a healthcare worker every day? Once the idea was formed, Tim immediately went to work designing the card and putting his ‘baseball mind’ spin on it with baseball trivia and the wording following that of a PA announcer.  We have received hundreds of ‘heroes’ and we feel honored to make a card for these amazing people every day.” She adds, “The effect we hope this project has is twofold. The first is to make that healthcare worker feel special - to show them how important they are to all of us. Secondly, it gives the community a glimpse into this person's life - it allows us to get to know these heroes who are saving our lives.”
Thank you, Maggie, for always putting others before yourself and lifting them up even in the hardest times. Your endless compassion and love for the Nashville community is an inspiration. We appreciate you for making the effort to help in this uncertain time. You knocked it out of the park!
If you know of someone who is making a positive difference in our community, please let us know. Click here to submit your hero for our “Star Of The Month.” This form will remain open all month, but we will choose our June “Star of the Month” on May 15th. Submissions received after the 15th of each month will be considered for the following month. 

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