Team Member of the Month: Rebecca Gonzales

Our advisor feature this month is about Rebecca Gonzales, who leads our efforts in development, board and investor relations. She began her role when her husband, Alberto Gonzales, joined Music City Baseball as board chair in 2017.

Rebecca’s background and experience include an extensive career in banking, finance, and development. She worked with non-profits and in both state and federal government and was the first Director of Development at the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, DC.

“Music City Baseball was trying to communicate with potential investors while working on a strategy to raise capital, and because of my experience I said to John, ‘I can help with that.’”

Since then, she has managed a roster of growing advisors and investors from the Nashville business and entertainment communities. “We have put together an incredible team who are all focused on the same goal – to make this dream a reality.”

Music City Baseball prides itself on diversity, equity, and inclusion. “I’m particularly proud that we have a majority minority board,” said Gonzales. “We’re invested in the greater Nashville community, and we seek out leaders from all our communities willing to give their time, effort, and heart to make this a reality.”

Another thing she is proud of is the way Music City Baseball has solidified Nashville as a likely place for a future franchise. Not just “if,” but “when.” “It hasn’t felt like ‘if’ it’s going to be Nashville for a long time,” said Gonzales. “Even during the pandemic, we were able to make great strides, hit milestones, make progress, and still raise money. We were in a pandemic and people still wanted to be a part of what we’re doing. The pandemic slowed our plan down a bit, but in no way did it stop us.”

The building momentum and excellent team now in place will allow her to step away from her current role at the end of the year. “There’s a good team in place that can take over what I’ve been doing,” said Gonzales, who will still support her husband Alberto with his work as Board Chair.

We are thankful for her efforts these past few years and thrilled she won’t be too far away.