The Nashville Stars Baseball Club is powered by Music City Baseball, LLC, which is an organization committed to bringing a Major League Baseball franchise to the Nashville market.

The foundation is built. Our 2024 objectives include:
Brand Development

Together we have an opportunity to create history by preserving history with the Nashville Stars Baseball Club. Nashville has a rich baseball history going back to 1860. The Stars were one of the many teams based in Nashville that played in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Sulphur Dell ballpark was a cornerstone for all of baseball, including the Negro Leagues. The Negro Leagues introduced us to some of MLB’s greatest: Satchel Paige, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and many more. This history becomes the inspiration and foundation for the future of baseball in Music City.

Recently, Major League Baseball has gone to great lengths to honor and celebrate the Negro Leagues. In 2021, MLB announced that Negro Leagues statistics would become “major league” statistics, cementing the legacies of those who played during this period. This would be a historic next step, as it would be the first time an MLB franchise has used a team name from the Negro Leagues.

In conjunction with our partners at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, it’s time to bring the Negro Leagues to the Major Leagues.

Site & Market Analysis

The goal remains to develop a world class entertainment venue that would be the home of an expansion MLB franchise. This project is intended to include a mixed-use development in the heart of a family and entertainment district.

We have identified various sites in the Nashville market including Davidson, Williamson, and Rutherford County. Before settling on a specific location, a detailed site and market analysis is crucial to determine the short- and long-term effects on the area around the site.

We’ve retained a qualified development partner to manage and oversee the process and finalize the site and market analysis that will be shared with MLB, state, and local authorities.

Capital Stack

Financing is obviously a key component of our business model to obtain expansion franchise rights. Our top priority for 2024 is to identify a Control Party individual and group, which is also referred to as a “General Partner.”

The General Partner will utilize the resources, the work product, and the Nashville Stars brand that has been completed over the past four years by Music City Baseball. MCB and its shareholders would ultimately retain a limited partnership.

The foundation has been built. While the MLB commissioner’s office and MLB owners will make the final decision, we firmly believe this organization is the leading candidate for expansion franchise rights.

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