Greatness holds no boundary to time and in honoring Nashville's past we swing for the Stars of tomorrow

Music City Baseball, LLC (“MCB”) is an organization of Nashville business, sports, music and community leaders, coupled with an anticipated investment syndicate. MCB is committed to bringing a Major League Baseball (“MLB”) franchise to the City of Nashville as a central piece of a mixed-use, multi-themed family, sports, and entertainment project. Our goal is to have MLB approval of a franchise in Nashville by late 2021 or as soon as possible thereafter, whether by expansion or relocation of an existing franchise, complete construction of a new baseball stadium by early 2024 and commence competition in the spring of 2024.
The long-term vision is a successful MLB franchise that in part honors the tradition and history of baseball in Nashville and Tennessee. This includes commemoration of the Negro Leagues and the impact that African Americans and other minority players had in the foundation of the game of baseball. MCB intends to partner with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (“NLBM”) to acknowledge the historical role and influence of the game of baseball on our nation and society. The name selected for the baseball team is the “Nashville Stars” in honor of Negro Leagues teams that once played in Nashville, and in part to recognize our vibrant music industry.
While successfully securing a franchise will require a Nashville-wide community effort, the umbrella organization for this project is MCB, which currently operates as a limited liability company. The principal objectives are to establish the brand “Nashville Stars” and to secure an MLB franchise. In addition, we intend to seek and secure opportunities to develop a baseball stadium/entertainment venue, adjacent or related real estate developments, as well as the establishment of a regional sports network with an established broadcast partner.

Music City Baseball Leadership Team

John Loar

Managing Director
John Loar is responsible for all day-to-day business operations of MCB. He has 30 years of experience in the real estate development, sports and entertainment fields. He led the acquisition efforts on behalf of investment groups for two Major League Baseball franchises and executed both the acquisition and sale of the Seattle Seahawks. He served as Vice President of Blackhawk Corporation, one of the country’s largest residential and commercial real estate developers.

Alberto R. Gonzales

Chairman of the Board
Alberto R. Gonzales served as the 80th Attorney General of the United States and former Counsel to the President. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MCB and brings experience dealing with the media and governmental entities and addressing complex legal and business issues.

Tony La Russa

Baseball Advisor
Tony La Russa, a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, has a career’s worth of experience in baseball team management and organization. Former MLB Manager with a record of 2,728–2,365. St. Louis Cardinals, Oakland Athletics, Chicago White Sox. 4× Manager of the Year. 4× World Series Champion. Advisory role in the off-season only.

Dave Stewart

Board Member | Advisor
Dave Stewart was a Major League Baseball All-Star with the Oakland A’s and the General Manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks 2014 to 2016. MLB Coach and Executive 1996 to 2013. MLB Pitcher 1978 to 1995. Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Philadelphia Phillies, Oakland Athletics, Toronto Blue Jays. 3× World Series Champion.

Steve Hodges

Music Industry Advisor
Steve Hodges is the Executive Vice President of Sony Music Nashville. He is responsible for management of Sony Music Nashville’s three labels and its roster of artists. He has had a successful 25-year career in entertainment management and brings relationships with high profile artists who have expressed interest in being part of the group.


Nashville/Middle Tennessee has loved baseball for a long time. With Nashville’s growth and possible Major League Baseball expansion, we believe now is the time. Baseball is in our DNA. Our foundation is the love of baseball, opportunity and inclusion.
We will commission a feasibility study by a nationally recognized firm to answer the question whether Nashville can support a Major League franchise.
The Nashville Stars.
It ties into our baseball history. The name pays tribute to several Negro League baseball teams that played games in Nashville in the 1940s and we want to honor that legacy. Plus, Nashville is known for our stars in music, entertainment and sports.
We have a strong working relationship with the Negro Leagues Museum. The museum supports our efforts to secure a Major League franchise in Nashville because we recognize the contributions of the Negro Leagues to baseball and to American society.
We’re looking at a three to five-year process. This will give us time to lay the foundation to be ready when Major League Baseball decides to expand.
There will be no public money used to finance the stadium. Investors will provide the funding to construct a state-of-the-art facility to house 81+ home games and serve as an entertainment venue for concerts and shows.

There is a buy-in expansion fee in excess of $1 billion. Through a series of private offerings, MCB intends to raise more than $4.5 million to cover operating expenses for the next three years.
It’s too soon to say for sure, however, we’re looking at being part of a larger development on the East Bank of the Cumberland River near Nissan Stadium and be part of a mixed-use family sports & entertainment district.
Our combined group has outside investment interest, however, we are focusing on local investors to participate at all levels of the investment. We want ownership that represents Nashville.
We plan to be very active in the community. We’re currenting developing our community outreach strategy.
John Loar is the Managing Director. He has over 30 years’ experience in real estate development, sports and entertainment. Alberto Gonzales, former US Attorney General, is Chairman of the Board. We also have a diverse leadership group made up of many local business, community and entertainment leaders. And we excited that former MLB All-Star Pitcher Dave Stewart is part of our team.
No. Major League Baseball has made it clear that there will be no movement towards expansion until issues related to current franchises are addressed. Our goal is to be ready with Major League Baseball is ready.
We continue to build local support for our Nashville Stars. We’re committed to bringing Major League Baseball to Nashville/Middle Tennessee.


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