Nashville and Middle Tennessee have a long history of supporting baseball, both at the Minor League level and with the Negro Leagues. Public support for the Titans, Predators, Nashville Soccer Club and the Sounds further demonstrates that Nashville residents support their sports teams.


The growing popularity of Nashville has led to rapid development and the relocation of numerous Fortune 500 businesses. Given market projections of continued growth, many believe in the very near future that Nashville can support a Major League Baseball franchise that will generate positive net revenue for Major League Baseball owners and provide unmatched family experiences for our fans. The economic growth of Nashville makes it possible to develop this mixed-use development with limited public money for development related to entitlements.

Music City Baseball has already done a great deal of work examining the market, identifying the pros and cons of a fourth professional sports franchise, and exploring the views of the local community, business and sports leaders and representatives. We will commission a feasibility study by a neutral nationally recognized firm to answer the question whether Nashville can support a Major League Baseball franchise.

If awarded a franchise, the current plans are to name the new team the “Nashville Stars” in honor of several Negro Leagues baseball teams that played games in Nashville prior to the integration of Major League Baseball. We intend to honor that legacy. The name also recognizes that Nashville is home to numerous stars in music, entertainment and sports.

Read more about the Nashville Stars history HERE

Music City Baseball has formed a strong, long-term partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. We believe in the mission and work of the Museum, and we recognize and want to honor the contributions of the Negro Leagues to baseball and to American society. In turn, the Museum leadership supports our mission and believes that Nashville can support a Major League Baseball franchise.


Here you can hear from Bob Kendrick, President, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

Major League Baseball has not expanded in over 20 years and owners have not voiced public support for expansion generally, nor for expansion specifically to Nashville. However, if Nashville can prove the case that the city can and will support a Major League Baseball team and that our franchise will immediately or in the near future produce positive net revenue that can be shared among Major League Baseball owners then it is our hope owners will seriously consider expansion to Nashville. Securing a franchise is a long-term and difficult process that will take several years under the best of circumstances. We are committed to the process and laying a strong foundation, so that we are in the best position possible when Major League Baseball owners agree to expand. If expansion were to occur, MLB would likely need to expand from 30 teams to 32 teams. So, MLB would likely wait until it had at least two proposals for expansion to consider. Additionally, expansion to Nashville would be governed in part by whether a potential team had a suitable place to play or the plans for a suitable place to play. Of course, it is possible that a team could relocate to Nashville. The timing of a relocation would likewise be dependent on the availability of a suitable place to play.

We understand there is a buy-in expansion fee to Major League Baseball owners in excess of $1 billion. Through a series of private offerings, Music City Baseball raised $4.5 million to cover operating expenses for the first three years. We are now exploring ways to raise additional capital for future operating expenses and to begin development of a baseball park/entertainment venue surrounded by a mixed-use, family friendly entertainment district. We intend to construct a fully conditioned, retractable roof venue which will cost in excess of $1 billion. We are in discussions to secure partners and investors to pay for the cost of (i) the baseball franchise, (ii) the ballpark/entertainment venue and (iii) the entertainment district.


We intend to secure investors to provide the funding to construct a state-of-the-art ballpark to house 81+ home baseball games and serve as an entertainment venue for more intimate concerts, shows and special events. We have identified several outside investors interested in participating in this project, but we hope to raise a substantial amount, if not a majority ownership interest, from local Tennessee investors.

Music City Baseball entered into an agreement with Mortenson in January 2024 to conduct a site & market analysis of at least five potential ballpark sites in the Nashville market. These sites include three in Davidson County, one in Williamson County, and one in Rutherford County. The analysis will include concept designs, renderings, infrastructure assessments, market studies, and other key metrics for each site option.
Music City Baseball includes outside investors; however, we are focusing on local investors to participate at all levels of the project. We are also focusing on meaningful minority ownership. Local ownership of the franchise is important to Major League Baseball and we want ownership that represents Nashville.

Baseball is the nation’s favorite pastime and Music City Baseball continues to engage families and the entire Nashville community to support the Nashville Stars. We are actively exploring partnerships with local community groups and nonprofits.

The Music City Baseball leadership team and advisors are diverse and bring a wide range of experience from business, sports, entertainment and various other industries. The leadership team and group of advisors are experienced and effective. The MCB board includes Alberto Gonzales, Board Chair, former Attorney General of the United States; John Loar, Board Member and Managing Director, real estate developer, with experience in the sports and entertainment fields; Bob Kendrick, Board Member, President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM) in Kansas City, MO; and Eddie George, Board Member & Real Estate Development Advisor, Heisman trophy winner, NFL Rookie of the Year and former running back for the Tennessee Titans.


Our baseball advisors include Tony La Russa, member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame with expansive experience in baseball team management and organization (presently La Russa, who is Manager of the Chicago White Sox, will advise only during the off season); and Tim Corbin, Head Baseball Coach at Vanderbilt University and coach of the 2014 College World Series Champions.


Justin Timberlake, Kane Brown, Luke Combs, Darius Rucker, Kix Brooks, Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd, Larry Gatlin, Mickey Guyton, and others are all part of our Music Industry Advisors and support the efforts of Music City Baseball.


Our entire Leadership Roster can be found HERE.

Major League Baseball has expressed no support for a franchise in Nashville. Major League Baseball has been clear that there will be no movement towards expansion until current franchises Oakland and Tampa Bay address baseball stadium issues. Our goal is to be ready when Major League Baseball is satisfied these conditions have been met.

The Nashville Sounds are a first-class organization and have been a strong community partner for Nashville. The success of the Sounds demonstrates the strong local support for baseball.


Music City Baseball continues the work to determine whether Middle Tennessee can support both a Major League Baseball franchise and a Triple A minor league team. We intend to work with the City of Nashville, Major League Baseball and the Sounds to find a mutually acceptable and beneficial outcome for all parties and for the taxpayers of Nashville.

Music City Baseball continues to build local support for our Nashville Stars. We are committed to bringing Major League Baseball to Nashville/Middle Tennessee. We encourage our supporters to continue to follow our progress and to champion our efforts to secure a Major League Baseball franchise either through expansion or relocation.