Bob Kendrick and Eddie George in promotional image.
(Photo via Music City Baseball and Jason Myers Photography)

February 28, 2024 – The Nashville Stars are looking back to history to shape the future of baseball.

In their efforts to bring Major League Baseball into Nashville, the Stars are building their brand to bring the city’s Negro Leagues history — from the team who took the field in the 1940s and 1950s — into the forefront in the 21st century.

Two Nashville Stars Board members — former Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George and Negro Leagues Baseball Museum President Bob Kendrick — appeared on Boardroom last week and shared their thoughts about the Stars’ plans and the team’s significance for baseball and this country.

George has already worked to bring new sports franchises into Music City. After making a name for himself on the playing field for the Titans, he was part of the group that brought Major League Soccer into Nashville. Shortly after meeting Managing Director John Loar and additional Stars leadership, George was excited about the dual prospect of bringing an MLB team to the city and shiniBoardroom Web sng a light on diversity in sports ownership.

“Nashville has been constantly growing since I’ve been here as a Titan,” George said. “To fulfill the need for more representation for people of color was really appealing.”

Already a vocal supporter of the inclusion of Negro Leagues teams and players in PlayStation’s “MLB The Show” video game series, Kendrick recognizes the opportunity to raise awareness for Negro Leagues history, especially to younger fans.

“It’s very important how history is presented to them,” Kendrick said. “All summer last year when the game was released, scores of people came to the museum because they saw it in the video games and then they wanted to meet the man that was telling those stories.”

George added that the attraction of a baseball team in Nashville would be a unifying pillar of community, bringing fans — and the city as a whole — together.

“Representation does matter,” Kendrick said. “And this gives us an opportunity to do something tremendously groundbreaking that falls right in line with what we believe Major League Baseball wants to see take place.

“This would be a very exciting, great step toward that goal.”