Gretchen Smith, an Air Force Veteran, has dedicated the last five years to taking care of her fellow Veterans. The loss of her father, a Vietnam Veteran, from PTSD opened her eyes to the great needs of our American Heroes. Gretchen has worked tirelessly to share her father’s story from a daughter’s perspective and towards meeting those needs by setting up Code of Vets. From every $1 donated, .98 cents goes towards meeting needs that range from a gas card to getting an apartment for unhoused Veterans. “We operate at a 2% operating cost. All of our financials are transparent because we want everyone to be fully aware that their money is going directly to places of need and is changing lives.” To learn more about Gretchen or how you can get involved with Code of Vets, please join their conversation on Twitter here.

Our friend Charlie Daniels was an advocate for Code of Vets and supported Gretchen’s efforts to raise awareness for their initiatives. We would also like to honor Charlie and his dedication to this cause prior to his passing. Thank you Charlie for being a great advocate, father, husband, and patriot.

If you know of someone who is making a positive difference in our community, please let us know