Social media has an impact. Look at any successful business, organization, or cause, and chances are that they have a robust social media presence. That presence is important for us as we continue to advocate for Major League Baseball in Nashville, and update the public about our progress.

To help us with that effort, we’d like to welcome a new set of helping hands to grow our national recognition and take the reins on social media.

Delaney Rohrs is a junior at Middle Tennessee State University majoring in interdisciplinary media. She initially came on board as a summer intern, helping coordinate public relations and communications efforts that included newsletters and weekly E-blasts. Stepping into a new role, she will help lead our efforts creating content for social media platforms.

“I’ve always just really liked making stuff,” said Rohrs. “I feel like I’ve always been creative, but I never thought I’d be able to do it for a job. This is such a great opportunity to help create history by bringing Major League Baseball to Nashville.”
Growing up in West Michigan, Rohrs remembers going to White Caps and Tigers’ games with family. She even celebrated her 10th birthday at Comerica Park in Detroit.

“I remember going to games when I was younger, but this has given me a completely different look into this world,” said Rohrs. “It’s been so much fun and such a great experience, I can’t wait for what’s to come.”

Moving forward, she plans to elevate the Stars’ online presence by finding a new balance between both the business and personal sides of the organization and translating that into the online space. She believes that staying on top of current trends and, “keeping it relevant while still fun”, is a must.

“My main goal is to take all of the best parts of this effort – our community, our staff, our commitment, and mission – and tie that all together in a way that shows the world exactly who we are in a relatable and fun way,” Rohrs said.