As new visitors and residents descend upon Nashville, a local organization is educating these new faces with some historic ones.

The “Faces of North Nashville” is an art exhibit that displays archive photos found of old businesses in North Nashville, family photos, and other important memories of the community. These photos were found with the help of Fisk Universities archives, and family members of the organizers.

Carlos Partee, co-founder of the exhibit through the organization “Cashville,” explained the importance of showing the culture and history of the community through photos.

“I want people to leave the exhibit excited about their own archive and want to start up their own faces of their community,” said Partee. “I think it’s important to keep memories of things in the past for our future.”

Partee also has a photo of his grandmother as the cover of the exhibit to represent the family dynamic section of the exhibit.

“The photo is a beautiful photograph of my grandmother that looks like it could’ve been photoshopped,” said Partee. “But it’s all natural and I thought it would be a great picture to be the face of this event.”

Partee helps put on different events like this to help recognize the culture and support businesses throughout the city of Nashville.

Although the live exhibit is over, merchandise from the event is still on sale, as well as other Cashville items on their website