Citizen Spotlight of the Month: Richard Casper

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Veteran songs—written for veterans, by veterans. That only scratches the surface of what Richard Casper and CreatiVets does for veterans across the country that live with PTSD.

In four years as an infantry soldier for the United States Marine Corps, Richard suffered losses at war that caused his own PTSD. It was at a community college in Chicago that he discovered music as therapy. From there, he was determined to help veterans find the same comfort he experienced. “I set out to build a program for veterans to help them outweigh their anxiety and depression with excitement,” Casper said.

In 2013, after finding his own solace through art and music, Richard established CreatiVets. With Nashville known as the Music City Richard decided it was the perfect place for CreatiVets to set up shop. “The process of making a veteran song is a quick, yet beautiful one,” he says. A veteran-mentor with similar wartime experiences reaches out so the veteran feels comfortable sharing their story. CreatiVets provides travel for veterans to come to Nashville and work on a song. Collaborating directly with decorated songwriters and artists, the veteran stories become songs in a matter of days. Just this year, CreatiVets has worked with over 300 veterans with PTSD. The work Richard and his team does is remarkable.

With a servant’s heart, Casper strives to provide support for as many people as he can. “I live legitimately as if tomorrow isn’t coming,” Casper said. “I try to make sure I give back as much as possible to other people.”

Richard avidly supports Nashville having a Major League Baseball team. He has lived in Music City for the past five years, and he believes there is no city more deserving. “When I heard this was one of the destinations proposed, I knew it had to be selected.” We couldn’t agree more and are honored to spotlight Richard and the efforts of CreatiVets.

To find the music created by the veterans, click here.